Discovery flight - Experience the excitement of flying an airplane while enjoying the views of metro Detroit.  See downtown Detroit, Lake St. Clair, Stony Creek, Southfield, or Belle Isle while flying the airplane assisted by a flight instructor.  This could be your first flight lesson!  The flight starts with a preflight brief that includes weather, flight plan, safety and aircraft information.   You will then go to the airplane and prepare it for flight, after standard aircraft system checks, it's time to take to the air.  You will be in the pilot's seat performing pilot tasks while flying the airplane over the Metro Detroit area.  After about nearly  an hour of flying, you will return to the airport and assist in the landing.  When the discovery flight is over, you can discuss options for future flight training.  This introductory flight lesson will be about two hours from start to finish and costs only $199. 

 Call us at (231) 409-6965 for more information or to schedule your flight.


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Private pilot flight lessons - Become a private pilot and earn the privilege of flying an aircraft for pleasure, day or night.   Share the thrill of aviation with your friends and family, enjoy weekends out of town,  or go sightseeing.  A & R Aviation will provide you with an professional pilot with thousands of hours of flight experience as your flight instructor.  You will not only become a pilot;  you'll be instructed on how to be a great pilot.  Our syllabus uses scenario based training methods, tailoring instruction to real world pilot applications.  This provides an environment for teaching better resource management and flight planning, and it's a much more enjoyable way to learn.  One of the best ways to start is with our $199 discovery flight.   With our discovery flight, you will get ground instruction followed by nearly an hour of scenic flying in the Detroit area, during which you will fly the aircraft. 


 Commercial pilot flight lessons -  If you are already a pilot and would like to take the next step to become a commercial pilot, we can assist you.  Whether your reason is to become a better pilot or to earn money flying, our FAA commercial pilot course uses the same type of scenario-based training to provide high quality and enjoyable flight instruction. 

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